Applicant s Name SUGGESTED FORMAT SCHEDULE OF LIABILITIES Notes Mortgages and Accounts Payable Date of Schedule Name of Creditor Original amount date Current balance delinquent Maturity Payment Month- Year How Secured Signed Title SBA Form 2202 10-15 This form is provided for your convenience in responding to filing requirements in Item 2 on the application SBA Form 5. You may use your own form if you prefer. The information contained in this schedule is a supplement to your balance sheet and...
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everyone welcome back to my channel as we are slowly approaching 2019 in this video I wanted to share with you all how to successfully plan for a great year where you can reach your goals and hopefully surpass them so whether you are a brand new agent or you have been in the business for a very long time this is something that you dont want to miss out also definitely stay tuned also there will be a giveaway at the end so you dont want to miss that now I cant tell you how many times I see agents that start the new year super excited motivated driven and then come March April when they see that theyre not getting the results that they thought they were gonna get they start falling off the grid you start hearing less from them they stop showing up to the office or making the calls or when they do prospect they have that bored annoyed look Im sure you know exactly what Im talking about because you have probably seen those type of agents and that is exactly what I do not want you to become so first lets begin with the number one key item and that is to create a schedule I cant tell you how important it is to create the schedule that you can stick to and again whether you are brand new or you have been a veteran agent you need to have a schedule that you can stick to being in real estate we pretty much are our own bosses and we get paid in accordance to how much work we put in so the less work that you put in the looks likely you will start to see income the more work that you put in the more likely you are going to get deals and get paid in this business we know that its a numbers game and obviously the more conversations that people do that you talk to the higher chances that youre going to come across someone that either wants to buy sell or invest or just do anything in real estate so schedule is very important now what do I mean by a sketch when I first started and you can look back Im gonna put the video right here I posted for you guys what my schedule look like back then and I can tell you that it hasnt really changed much so for me specifically and this is something that if you want you can copy and just pretty much do the same thing that I do every morning you guys can pick what mornings you want to do it or how many days a week but between 730 and 800 oclock I roll plate up to this day I still roleplay and some people ask will loiter you have been in the business for a long time you know what to say why are you still rolling we have to treat our business like professional athletes professional athletes get paid millions we can potentially get paid millions so it only makes sense that we are always perfecting our craft and thats why you always have to be role playing and practicing that way you are never caught off guard when youre speaking to a potential client and if they throw you an objection you know exactly how to handle it and then in there without any hesitation and when you are able to do that you come off as being confident and in...